Child Welfare, Safeguarding & Club Policies

If you have any concerns related to child welfare – please report it, contact details can be found  here:  Christleton Cricket Club Useful Safeguarding Contacts 2024

Christleton CC is committed to ensuring all Children (i.e all persons under the age of 18) participating in cricket have a safe and positive experience.

We will do this by:

  • Recognising all children have the right to have fun and be protected from harm;
  • ensuring a welcoming, safe, and fun experience for children;
  • adopting ECB policies and guidelines;
  • having a fully qualified Club Welfare Office (CWO), who’s contact details are available;
  • ensuring all club officials are recruited and appointed in line with ECB guidelines and relevant legislation;
  • ensuring all club officials are provided with support, through education and training;
  • ensuring everyone has the opportunity to voice any concerns (about possible suspected child abuse/neglect, and/or about poor practice) to the Club Welfare Officer;
  • ensuring all suspicions, concerns and allegations are taken seriously and dealt with swiftly and appropriately; and
  • welcoming children with disability – recognising they have particular vulnerability to abuse and neglect. 

Please find below links to all our policy documents:

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