Net booking CV-19

If you wish to use the excellent facilities provided by Christleton Cricket Club you will need to be either: a paid up playing member; a qualified Christleton Cricket Club coach; or a qualified Christleton Cricket Club support worker. Coaches and support workers must be registered with the club child welfare officer and also paid the nominal membership fee for 2020.

To make a booking:

  1. Ensure you have paid the nominal membership fee for 2020. Membership fees can be paid for here [INSERT LINK]
  2. You have checked the slot you wish to book is available. Check slot availability
  3. Call or message Peter Roberts on 07710 748115 and be ready to provide:
    1. Member name, email address, and contact number of the primary net user;
    2. name of the member they the primary net user will be netting with;
    3. confirm that you have read and understand the club and ECB guidelines on the Resumption of recreational cricket net practice
    4. the 45 minute slot they wish to book. Please have a secondary slot in mind incase the booking information was not upto date and you preferred slot has been taken