Sad News – John Noden RIP

Everyone at Christleton CC was saddened to hear of the recent passing of our longstanding member John Noden.

John started playing at the club in 1974. At the time, the club was still in the Manchester Association and playing on the ‘old ground’.

The next few years saw tremendous change at the club with a move to a new ground and the recently formed Cheshire League. In those days, John was becoming an increasingly influential figure at the club, taking over as 2nd XI Captain in 1977 and doing this job for 6 seasons. Players of that era remember John as a good and fair captain. He was one of a select group of cricketers anywhere to have taken 4 wickets in 4 balls. John was skipper of the 2nd XI in 1981, one of the club’s most successful years, a year in which the numerous trophies won included the Aggregate Trophy, reflecting the all-round playing strength of the club at that time.

As well as his playing strengths, John was one of a small group of qualified umpires at the club whose certificates were proudly displayed for many years. It was rare to meet a qualified umpire in those days and so John; Dave and Gareth were ahead of the game and very useful reference points on the laws of the game when information was not as freely available as it is nowadays.

John became Chairman of the club in 1980, a role he held for 11 years. He is remembered as a decisive and forthright Chairman, steering the club with a reassuring calmness and efficiency throughout his lengthy tenure in this key role.

Having already given so much to the club, John then agreed to become Head Groundsman, a volunteer role that John committed himself to for 20 years. John’s pitches were always well prepared, his task made more difficult before the era of covers by a succession of wet summers and a ground prone to holding water in the middle of the square. Rudimentary mathematics suggests that John must have prepared over 500 pitches at the club, which is quite a feat.

However, when the members and friends of Christleton CC remember John, whether as a player, captain, chairman or groundsman, the overwhelming memory will be of a friendly and dedicated chap, a lovely man who gave a lifetime of service to our club.

In recent years, John’s visits to the ground became fewer as a result of heath issues. However, he remained a loyal Vice-President, always supporting the current incumbents of his roles in the club.

John Noden was a Life Member for over 20 years and a true lynchpin of the club. His contribution was massive. We will remember John and everything he did here. We send our respectful best wishes to John’s family and friends.

John’s funeral will take place on Friday 5th May, 3.20pm at Chester Crematorium.