Chairman’s Staying Alert Newsletter – Week 9

Game Day 9 of this (hopefully) unique season has arrived. We’re only 2 games away from the half-way point and by the time we reach that milestone we will be past the longest day of the year. People will be about to remark that ‘the nights are drawing in’ and we will not have seen a ball bowled. Of course team sport is about building character and it has been heartening to see such a positive response from our members and supporters. Far from being despondent, net bookings are high and everyone is in good spirits. Club officers are working their socks off at this time. Many thanks to Vice Chair Pete Roberts for his tireless hard work in getting practice up-and-running again. Junior coaching starts again next week albeit in a socially distanced way, and junior supremo Mark Inchley has worked into the night to try to balance the desire to play cricket with the strict ECB conditions for practising, such as ’one ball, one skin’. Safe Hands Nick Davis is on the scene making sure we consider welfare issues in everything we do. Vice-Presidents have responded to the club’s position of having hardly any income by starting to send their annual contribution. Mandy has the interior of the club looking as never before. And of course, our groundsmen have the place looking magnificent: what youngster isn’t going to want to run about out there after what they’ve been through in the last few weeks? So there’s a lot of good news: we just need HMG and ECB to turn on more green lights and we’ll be ready. Whatever you are doing stay safe, look after those around you, keep moving and stay in touch. I will look forward to seeing many more of you on the ground before too long. News of current cricketing items of interest can be found on page 2 of the newsletter.

Newsletter week 9