On Monday 30th December, we were stunned and shocked to find that our Clubhouse had been ransacked overnight.  Thieves/Vandals broke in through one of the windows but then proceeded to throw chairs, glasses, bottles, pictures etc through all the other windows.  They tried to kick in the double-glazed doors and the fire exits.  They broke into the bar smashed the optics, poured themselves drinks and then went on to have a  destructive frenzy.  Furniture was thrown around the building into the TV, PA System and the framed pictures showing all the history of our club.  

These despicable characters also went into the kitchen ripping cupboard doors off, yanked the telephone and router out of the wall.  They trashed the credit card machine, the cash till and most sickeningly they ripped the defibrillator off the wall, which was left scattered around in pieces.

Their final present to us was to let off all the fire extinguishers (both powder and water) which left a horrible mess but also their foot and handprints.  Forensics have taken excellent evidence from this along with DNA from the glasses and bottles that they drank from.

The culprits will not be able to get away with this heartbreaking, thuggish behaviour and we urge people to contact the police with the names of these people. 

Anyone with information relating to the burglary/vandalism are encouraged to call 101 quoting IML600400. 

We have also set up a Just Giving page to help raise funds for the repair and replacement of damaged items.

Just Giving – Help Our Club